Our Service

K E GROUP LIMITED – Your through-train solution 


K E Group Limited is your one-stop solution to any product development needs. With our long-established experience working with our customers, ranging from individuals and retailers to chain stores, wholesalers and private labels, we are highly proficient in carrying out product developments for you, from developing your ideas to delivering the final products as you envisaged, and from sourcing the right materials to supplying the final displays in your show windows. 


With our in-house designers and computer modelling teams, we are able to translate your concepts into preliminary designs, 3D computer models and prototypes, even if your thoughts may be just an image or just an idea. Our procurement team, with their extensive network of suppliers, are always ready to source the correct types and grades of materials and accessories to meet your jewellery product needs. 




Producing your collections in accordance with your requested specifications and quality are only our most basic duties to you. More importantly is that our whole company, including our factory, are fully aware of the significance of the exclusivity and confidentiality of your ideas and products, and we uphold strict control on protecting the relevant rights of our customers, as reflected by our longstanding partnership with companies worldwide in their product development projects.  


  Delivering your collections on time and as envisaged is not all. We also care about how you showcase your brainchild to your customers. Where customers are in need, we have partnered with leading professional companies in providing shop design advice service as well as supplying packaging and displays for our customers.


And again, we are here ready to serve!